Academy Awards Weekend & Casting

De Vore Studios will be open on Sunday Feb 22nd from 12 Noon to

  6 PM –  Carollyn will be attending the Awards & Parties in Hollywood.

     The studio in Fresno is usually open on Tueday evenings – but

  not this Tuesday Feb 24th – so many of our South Valley Clients

    are performing at the Visalia Convention Center – and we will

   be attending –  The Studio will be back on the regular schedule

    on Sunday March 1st – 

     Director Matt Sconce – held auditions for “Stricken” the full

  length Film at De Vore Studios – and what a fantastic turn out –

    over 75 local actors auditioned – numerous roles – Carollyn was

   at the audition – and Julio assisted in casting with Matt and his

     darling wife Heather – thanks for all who attended.  Check out

     “Stricken”  and “Push” on the Net – what an amazing Director

     Matt is.

     Christian C age 7 – interviewing for a National Bounty Commercial –

       Rhonda from Visalia – almost 40 – interviewing for a new Series

      in Hollywood – she just started with De Vore Talent – what a

       beautiful lady –

       Two of our Teen sisters from “Three Rivers”  filmed “Heroes”

         for 3 days last week – the episode is “1961” The girls went

        to school “on set” and had so much fun…

         Harley K. age 3 months – just filmed a Lifetime movie –

            and she had an audition for a Huggies – National Commercial

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