About Carollyn De Vore

Carollyn De Vore  is President of De Vore Talent & Casting, with offices in Hollywood and Fresno,Ca.
Before before becoming a Top Hollywood Agent, Carollyn was a well- known actress with more than 200 Television credits, 20 feature films, 60 National Commercials and she was a USO entertainer with Bob Hope and Johnny Grant in Vietnam ( 1968-69)
Carollyn De Vore has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild asan Actress for more than 35 years and well as being a member ofAmerician Federation of Television & Radio Artists ( as an Actress )and numerous professional Hollywood Organizations.
Carollyn no longer works in Hollywood as an Agent in Hollywood…    Carollyn like numerous ageants decided to be a Talent Manager…    and is a Casting Director in the Central Valley. Carollyn places talent with Agents in Hollywood, San Francisco and New York.
Carollyn’s Show Business consulting can help you. Carollyn recommends “How to Get your Child” in Show Business by Dick Van Patten  ( Carollyn starred on the “Rookies” Television show with Mr. Van Patten…For adults a must read is “Your First Year inHollywood “
Carollyn has served as Press/Media Chairperson for the Youth in
Film Awards ( The Academy Awards for Children) She is also Chairperson
fora Eastern Madera County’s Film Commission and works closely with
Central Valley Film Commissions to bring Films to the Valley area.
Carolllyn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Film. She
studied with renowned acting coaches Lee Strasberg, Peggy Furie, and
Stella Adler & Hollywood Dance choreographer, Roland Dupree.
When not working in her Hollywood or Fresno Office, Carollyn can be
found at her ranch “Hiatus Ranch” near Bass Lake, spending time with
her family and pets. She enjoys collecting antiques, loves boating,
and the outdoors, reading, gourmet cooking, gardening and donating time
to her favorite charitable causes. ( You have read about Carollyn in
“How to be a Teen Star” in 16 Magazine and in “How to Break into Showbiz”
in Pageantry Magazine.
Carollyn was an agent in Hollywood at top agencies that started the careers
of Brad Pitt, Courtney Cox of Friends, John Dye of Touched by an Angel,
and Billy Bob Thornton as well as Harry Williams Jr. of Star Trek “The Next
Generation”, Michael Bays, “Julio” on Days of our Lives” Tommy Puett
star of “Life Goes on”, John Preston “Greg” on General Hospital, Ty O’Neil
of D2 The Mighty Ducks and Mighty Ducks 3: Tyler and Trevor of Rosanne,
Cody Slaton “Little Bulk on “Power Rangers” Peter Stone of Saved by
the Bell…now playing a doctor on “One Life to Live “, Monica Mikala
( bilingual actress ) on Wild Palms” Mini Series with Jim Bulushi , and
in Albert Brooks movie “The Muse” playing Andie Mc Dowells daughter.
Brian Van Holt who began his career as a model ( see his Teen Magazine
Cover) in our Studio…has starred on “Black Hawk Down ” S.W.A.T.
Windtalkers , etc. Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Paula Abdul, Jack Black & more.
Aaron Hill of Clovis …discovered by Carollyn …started his career starring
in a 7-UP Commeracial pl;aying a Football Player…..starred in his own
series “Lost at Home” with Gregory Hines on the ABC -Disney- Family
television sitcom “Lost at Home”  . You’ve also seen Arron starring on
“Malcom in the Middle”   Gilmore Girls  and Dragnet.
“The Wright Twins”  Summer 2004  – recurring roles on “passions” the
popular soap opera starring as Young Martin.
De Vore Talent & Casting opened offices in tahe Central Valley in 1993.
Locally they placed actors in Small Soldiers, Mouse Hunt, Adams Family Values, War Path, Alien Species I and II, Desperate Measures, Puppet
Masters all filmed in the central Valley. Actors were cast a National
7UP Commercial filmed in Fresno starring Orlando Bloom.
Carollyn casts 90 % of local TV commercials, movies, videos, educational
films and modeling assignments, TV shows. De Vore Talent has a Bi-
Lingual Department too.
Carollyn De Vore works closely with Top agencies ( and Casting Directors,
Producers and Directors) in Hollywood. She believes the key to success for her clients is patience, persistence, and drive, and patience.
De Vore actors and models find out what is happening in Hollywood right
away, because they hear the “inside scoop” each week at De Vore Studios.
Actors and Models starting professional careers receive something that is often unavaliable elsewhere–personal care anad atatention in their career
development. Of course, it will take time and possibly training. With Carollyn
and her professional staff to guide you every step of the way, your career
can develop- and take off- just like many other’s mentioned here.
    Fora more information, call our Fresno office at ( 559) 255-2317, and we
will get back to you as soon as possible. Please remember that our staff is
often in Hollywood or on Location, so yhour call may be returned to you in
a day or two. Thanks for your Patience.. We offer a FREE Seminar with
no obligation…call and registar today.
    Carolllyn favorite  Casting Projects in the Central Valley..
“Clean Up Men ”   Feature Film – Available on DVD now.
 “John Mellencamp Video  – Filmed in Hanford   “Walk Tall”
   Corey Clark Video          ( American Idol Finalist )
   Michelle Branch Video
   Survivor I and Survivor II  – Feature Films…filmed entirelly in Central Valley
                                                and Eastern Madera County
   “War Path ”                     Filmed in Eastern Madera County
   ‘CLICK ”                        Starring  “Adam Sandler”   Henry Winkler
                                          Filmed at “Shaver Lake”  with dozens of
                                          children & Adults .
 De Vore Models appear at the Fresno Fair, Madera Fair, Tulare Ag Show,
 Fashion Shows, Magazines, Brochures, and many exciting local events
in the Central Valley…Twice a Year  De Vore Models “On the Runway”
present a Fashion Show in Hollywood for Hollywood Agents and Casting
Directors & Model Scouts….



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