August 9, 2007

  “Fall T.V. Season” in Hollywood

“Greek”  ABC Family Series -star  Aaron Hill from Clovis

stoped  by De Vore Studios last Sunday -Aaron plays

“The Beaver” in the new series about College Students-

All of a sudden -Aaron was being asked to pose for photos

with everyone- give autographs – and tell everyone about

being on the set of “Greek” . Aaron was discovered by Carollyn

De Vore when he was 16 here in Fresno – Aaron will also be

seen this fall on the new series “Mad Men” playing a Truck

Driver. Aaron was home visiting his parents in Clovis and

attending church with family and freinds. Aaron is also in

the August 6 issue of “Star” magazine.

Sylvia M – Carollyn’s right hand gal in Hollywood – just booked

a role on “The Office” and filmed it this week – watch for her

playing a nurse. Sylvia is from Porterville and also has a home

in Burbank . The tall beautiful blonde model – actress – was

discovered by Carollyn when she came to the Central Valley

about 13 years ago. Sylvia’s husband Charlie – incredible

musician filmed “Click” for Carollyn when she did the local

casting for Adam Sandler.

Bryan B. from Tulare age 5 auditioning for “Medium” you have

also seen Bryan on “Passions” and this little guy also plays golf.

Shane age 3 from Modesto – auditioning for a a National Commercial

in Hollywood for a Nationwide Moving Company – you have seen

Shane on “Medium” and he is on a Verizon National Commercial.

  Shane has been with De Vore Talent since he was a year old when

he filmed a Savemart Commercial locally. With De Vore Talent you

can work in the Central Valley in movies and television and modeling

and Hollywood too.

Richard R. who was “Mr. Clean” on the popular series “Monster House”

auditioning for “My Name is Earl” as a skinhead – Richard is from

Fresno –

Rich from Lemoore – Hanford – filming “Mad Men”

Josh M. from Bakersfield – who starred as the Host of “Sci Fi Trader”

as a Teenager – starred in local films – War Path – Survivor and more –

auditioning as a Dad in a National Commercial this week – Josh who

sports a “Bald Head” now – like Richard Randall – starred in a Frito

commercial a couple of years ago – playing a Monk – Josh often

teaches acting workshops at De Vore Studios – an incredible actor.

Did we tell you Kyle age 11 from Madera – filming a commercial for

the “Big Fresno Fair ” – Kyle also on a Honda Commercial .

Wayne D. Hurley – famous Dance Chorographer – from Fresno –

stopped by Tuesday evening at De Vore Studios – you have seen

him starring on the Brittany & Kevin  – Entertainment Tonight

Special – “D wayne ” taught Kevin Federline how to dance – and

Kevin is from Clovis –  D Wayne is so talented – does so much

for kids all over the central valley thru his dance programs. Opening

a new Dance Studio – down town Fresno this fall – we will keep you

posted on that.  Have you noticed all the commercials this year

featuring dancers all ages?

Alyssa age 10 – who carollyn calls “Our Little Katie Holmes” is

filming three days this week on “Bones” playing one of the stars

as a child. You have also seen Alyssa on “Weeds” and “Knocked


Tuesday at De Vore Studios – near Fresno Yosemite Airport –

was so much fun – Carollyn is casting the film “Last Door”

so for hours – actors poured in to read for a role or just be

in the background. Nancy O’Hara is Carollyn’s casting

assistant – you saw Nancy in “Click” and of course Julio

helped with casting. Kids and Adults will be filming this

true story film later this summer. If you were on vacation

and missed the casting – our office made sure the director –

Raven – has your photo and resume.

Hunter age 8 from Visalia – just started with De Vore Talent

auditioned for a Corning Ware National Commercial and

had a call-back. Wow – we are proud of you Hunter.

Dorothy Suzanne’s “Scene Stealers” workshop has started.

a yearly event – with a showcase in Hollywood with scenes

and monologues this September for Casting Directors and

agents. Celebrating their 3rd year.

Carollyn on the set of a Hallmark Western Movie in Hollywood

area – Ernest Borginine starring – his 190 film – what a great actor.

Models with De Vore Studios – all ages – gearing up for a fall

fashion show in late September –

Anthonie T. from Visalia – who heads up De Vore Models

Runway division will be at De Vore Studios on Sunday Sept 19th-

Anthonie also asked Andrea from Visalia to Model for Perfume

Products at a local Dept Store.

Editing going on with “Hot Rod Horror” alot of you filmed here

in the Central Valley – we are so excited about this film coming


Carollyn casting a Christian Music Video – kids and adults to be

filmed in L.A. next week.

“Stricken” a film Carollyn De Vore cast for Director Matt Sconce

won best Sound Design at the “Action on Film” Festival in Long

Beach and was nominated for best Horror Film of the year. It is

now available on DVD thru Matt’s web site.

  Attending the Film Festival – and actors in the film were. Alyssa age 10

and her parents – Fresno – Mario and his wife Jeanette from Madera –

Nancy K. and her husband Bud ( retired Fresno P.D.) from Fresno –

and our glamour girl “Paige” from Tulare. all actors in this film.

  Stricken will now become a feature film. Stricken has been submitted

to 6 more film festivals including Sundance.

Carollyn De Vore is casting two more movie “Shorts” this month

17 and Unwanted. What a great opportunity for actors all ages.

How great is Carollyn to donate her time and studio to help these

young film makers.

 Big Guys – out on a National Commercial for “Hungry Man” .

Rebecca C. who appeared in “pirates III” with her daughter Christine

age 9 . auditioning for a National Commercial for Honda  – adults who

could ride a motorcycle.

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