October 26, 2007

Fresno Bee – today – Friday – “Movies” has an incredible photo of
Page W. from Tulare – who stars in the film “Stricken” Carollyn
and staff will be attending the Fresno Film Forum tomorrow.
Paige will appear at the “Playboy Mansion” for their Annual
Halloween Party in Beverly Hills – and back to Fresno to Film
“Dark Pool” . Paige is an Actress/Model discovered by Carollyn
De Vore.

Hope your all watching Rich K. from De Vore Studios – the Host
of the Fresno area Fox T.V. morning show “Valley Life” weekdays
at 10 AM – also watch for Rich in “Lions & Lambs” with Tom Cruise
to be released this November.

Pre Teens – Alexandra H. from Clovis and Heather W. from Fresno
auditioning for a Toy Commercial in L.A. this week. Both girls
are also on our Modeling Team “On the Runway”.

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