November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving From Carollyn and staff – Julio – Dorothy – Terri.   When Carollyn’s children were younger – – Carollyn and her  family donated their day before Thanksgiving to work at the L.A. Mission

   serving dinner to the Homeless – serving dinner with Henry Winkler and

   other stars . This year De Vore Studios donated to the Fresno Rescue

   Mission and Manna House in Oakhurst. Remember others during the



   Cindi – from Madera – Kyles Mom will play “Snoopy” for the second

   year – for our Children’s Hospital. Cindy is bi-lingual so “Snoopy”

   speaks “Spanish & English” This Holiday event is so much fun for

   all the children. Special Thanks to Cindi. 

    Sylvia – Model/Actress who often helps us in our Hollywood Office.

     just landed a role of a German Tourist in “Under the Belly” new T.V.

     series. Sylvia is from Switzerland – and speaks a few languages.

     Brett P. from “Clovis” filming “Brothers and Sisters” with Sally Field.

      Calling Carollyn from the set of “Cane” – now both our Brett’s have

      filmed “Cane” they must like good looking guys on these sets.

     Kevin – now at Yosemite High – wow where have the years gone –

      auditioning for a Theme Park National Commercial – Teen brother

     throwing “Water Balons” – sounds like a fun audition. This commercial

     may shoot in New York –

 Did we see Carollyn marching for the “Writers Strike” at Universal

City Studios –  Carollyn has been a member of Screen Actors Guild

for over 30 years as an Actress – Last “Writers Strike” she was an

 Agent in Hollywood – a union family – Carollyn’s husband is a

 Hollywood Teamster . Everyone praying the Strike ends soon.

  Especially at this Holiday Season.

  Christian age 6 – interviewing for a National Theme Park Commercial –

   Little Boy – on a slide. He and his big sisters were selected to film

   Indiana Jones recently – filmed here in Fresno

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