2009 Star Events at De Vore Studios

Star Events –  De Vore Studios starts out 2009

 attending the “Peoples Choice Awards” watch our

   Models & Actors on the Red Carpet – or sitting next

  to a Star – this is the 10 th year we have been invited to

   attend. Our Luxury Bus – is so much fun – it’s so much

         fun to see everyone “Camera Ready” and dressed

  in Gowns & Tuxes – Wednesday January 7th on CBS.

        Aaron Hill – Star of “Greek” ABC series.

  who will be in “Transformers II” this year..

    Will teach an Acting Workshop for Adults

   and Teens in February – WOW…Did you

    see Aaron & Carollyn on ABC & Fox locally.

         Runway Coach Tonie T  is casting Runway Models age 16 to 30 Female

        and Males- he may also use some children –

      for numerous Bridal Fashion “Runway Shows”  …Bakersfield – Visalia –

        Fresno – Modesto –  We just sent your Modeling “Zed” photos – so

       the Bridal Botique owners can select from photos –   “Tonie” appeared

        on “Dick Clark Rockin New Years” T.V show…wow can he dance…

            If your photos are not done yet – Tonie will have a special meeting

        with you Models – so don’t worry.  Watch for Tonie on the “Red Carpet”

            at “Peoples Choice Awards”  he is sooooooo popular. 

             De Vore Studios “On the Runway” Models will have a Modeling

           Workshop once a month at De Vore Studios – with “Anthonie” we

                are working on the dates – brush up your runway skills..      

            Mothers Day Fashion Show will be on Saturday May 9th here in

         Fresno – all ages –  Model Camp was so popular last June – with

          Fashion Shows at the Tower Theatre – this year’s show will be

           at a Local Hotel & have vendors for you to buy that special gift

             for Mother’s Day.  Kids – Teens – Adults – will Model – WOW –

          Piper Coolidge – an Amazing Actress – who has L.A. Groundlings

            to her credit ( one of Carollyn’s favorite Acting Groups in L.A.)

           will teach an Improv Workshop for kids ages 4 to 12 once a month

           at De Vore Studios – we are working on the dates for you – they will

              be held on Saturdays. Piper just returned from New York- Directing

             a film. You don’t have to drive to LA to study acting – De Vore

                Studios brings workshops to you. Piper who is a young mom

              and her husband are professional actors . Improv and Auditioning –

                 study your acting craft at De Vore Studios. Proudly add this to

               your child’s resume.

       TLC  From New York – called Carollyn on Christmas Eve – and asked

               for Local Actors to film during Christmas and New Years – we will

                 get you the title and air date – Rebecca C. landed one of the roles-

               and Ken – new to De Vore Talent – make sure you check your E.

               mails – even during a Holiday – Filming always goes on – TLC

               people were so impressed with Carollyn’s casting credits – and local

                 actors.  Rebecca and her daughter – Christine age 11  were in

                Pirates III – and Rebecca also on “Ugly Betty” . Rebecca was in

                X Files when they filmed here in Fresno years ago – and has been

                 with De Vore Studios for about 13 years –

            Carollyn has been asked to cast two full length Motion Pictures

               in Feb – March – April – to film locally – she and Dorothy are looking

                 at the Scripts –

               Did we tell you we had new borns interviewing for a National

                 “Huggies” commercial right before Christmas – and Baby Gap –

                it will get really busy now with 2009 here.

               Joe R. – auditioning for a National Commercial for “Super Bowl”

              Sunday – Joe attended out Hollywood Agents Showcase in

                    December and everyone thought he was a star on “Sopranos”

                  and wanted his Autograph – Joe also co-starred on “Til Death”

                      and numerous Commercials & Videos – our favorite Professor

                   from Fresno State University sent us Joe a few years ago- he is

                    now a LA working actor – thanks to De Vore Talent –

             Models age 18 plus – auditioning for a huge show in L.A. for

                 “Broadway Jeans” – had to be a size 2 or 4 – Runway show

                for Celebrities – get your Modeling Photo Shoot at De Vore

                  Studios with Hollywood Photographer Heather.

                Scene Study – will resume on Sunday January 11th – at

                     5:30 PM. Victor brings in the most incredible scripts.

               Make sure your acting skills are “on target” for these films

                 coming up to Fresno – there are so many “secrets” and

                 tips for you actors in this professional workshop-

                Guys – Hosts – Announcers – auditioning for a Central Valley

                  Car Dealership – we will have Rich Kreps – “Valley Life”

                conduct a Workshop on Hosting this Spring – watch Rich

                    on Fox –

            Jennifer T. who will direct a Film here in Fresno

                this spring – teaches a workshop at De Vore

              Studios – March 09 – details & dates  tba. Jennifer’s

             workshops are so popular – Teens & Adults.

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