October 13, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Filmed at Chandler Field in Fresno and Eagle Field
in Firebaugh – Los Banos area. Carollyn De Vore was the Casting Director
for Local Adults and Children working on the set. Carollyn’s husband
John West – Hollywood Location Scout/and Manager was Assistant
Location Manager for this huge Hollywood Production. Special thanks
to Willy O. and Vart V. and Kathy R. for helping “Wrap the Set” . Terri O.
who assists us often in the Fresno Office – for helping Johnny too.
We are so lucky to have all of you.
Indiana Jones at Chandler Airport was “Mexico” and Vintage Cars
and Planes and wonderful costumes. Great Food on set was enjoyed
by everyone – it’s amazing how well Hollywood Productions treat us.
Eagle Field was “Peru” again with amazing Aircraft and sets –
and animals – movie animals – Llama’s – Mules – Chickens – Goats –
and more . Children working on the set loved the animals and the
special “Craft Services” table – that seemed to be set up “just for kids”
gummy bears – M&M’s – granola snacks too – Just alot of fun.

Carollyn’s daughter – as a child was in Close Encounters and E.T.
So this brought back wonderful memories being on the set with
our local children and parents.

We saw Carollyn walking with Harrison Ford at Chandler Field –
about 7 Am and chatting on the way to Breakfast “on the set ”

Carollyn and her husband and daughter Heather who is a
Actress/Director/Cinematographer are surely the Valleys
FIRST SHOW BUSINESS FAMILY – all working in the Film
Industry for years. Carollyn was an actress for years and a
Hollywood Agent too. . for the past 13 years a Hollywood
Casting Director here in the Valley – and donates her time
to help our Film Makers with casting actors of all ages.

Carollyn always advises clients working on movies to “bring your
own chair” just in case – going on a set is alot like “camping out”
So our great moms – broke out their chairs at Eagle Field – with
kids prepared with their homework to be schooled on the set. Just
an incredible day. Carollyn brought “bug repellent” for all the kids –
and it came in handy. It was so exciting to see all the big production
trucks arrive that said “Paramount Studios” and all the cast and crew
were great. Costumes were “40’s ” era .

“Click” was here starring Adam Sandler and Henry Winkler – two
years ago – filmed at Shaver Lake – our Adults and Kids got to wear
70’s wardrobe – Carollyn De Vore was the Casting Director and
“On Set” with her actors – it’s so exciting to have Hollywood Productions
film here in the Valley.

Carollyn is reading a “Western” script this week – that wants to
film in Fresno – and Local Director Logan W. is starting a Film Short –
using alot of De Vore Actors – and Matt Sconce – who directed “Stricken”
will have Carollyn casting roles for Kids and Adults in his new project.

Joe R. from FSU – who lives in L.A. now – discovered by Carollyn De Vore
just guest starred on “Till Death” with Emmy Award Winner –
Brad Garrett – we will try to find out when it will air- Joe also stars in
a NFL Theme Rebox National Commercial.

Kids interviewing for Holiday Wallmart Commercial and “Real Cowboys”
ages 35 plus “Deadwood ” tpes interviewing for a National Fast Food
Commercial this week.

Carollyn and her husband John West – attending “COLA” Awards in
Hollywood – an annual event.

Heather W. age 11 from Fresno- Randi B. age 12 from Visalia –
Lindsy K. from Sanger age 13 – all performed in “Scene Stealers”
group – a Hollywood Showcase – presented by De Vore Studios
twice a year -Hollywood Agents and Casting Directors were so impresed
with the girls scenes last month –
they all interviewed to play a famous actress as a pre-teen in
a Hollywood Movie – great going girls – how exciting.

Models 18 plus and plus size models too- interviewing in Hollywood
for Entertainment Tonight Models – Chelsea from Fresno – Stephanie
from Clovis –

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