November 12, 2007

Thomas W. age 8 – filming “My Name is Earl” from Hanford.

Brett G. FSU Film Graduate – filming “Samantha” and “Greek” with
Aaron Hill.

Carollyn just cast all the local Models/Actors for the Frito Lay Campaign
in the Central Valley. Besides sending Head Shots of our clients here in
the Central Valley- all ages – Carollyn had to find Local Farm Looking
Guys – so off she went with Alyssa’s mom Tiama – and found some
great looking locals at the 500 club in Clovis – Logans Roadhouse in
Riverpark – Feed Stores & Equipment Rental yards – etc- Thanks to
all the local business who welcomed Carollyn while she “discovered”
talent – Tiama took photos of everyone. E. mailed photos to Hollywood –
and actors were cast – Dan. B age 35 from Sanger – who is a Fireman –
was discovered – Sylvia M. from Porterville – other kids and adults
had so much fun filming at Farm Houses and ranches. Julio from our
office – landed a PA job with the production – Look for Billboards and
Advertisments in Magazines in 08 for Fritos and Lay’s Potato Chips –
starring our Central Valley “real people” .

Paul K. who is a Truck Driver and Actor lives in Alaska part of the year.
Just attended “Santa Claus School” back East. Paul stopped in to say
hello Sunday evening at De Vore Studios – before he goes to a Mall
in Brownsville Texas to be “Santa” this season.

Alexandra H. age 12 just landed the Kidzbop 13 Video – She filmed in
Hollywood this past weekend- and modeled and sang on the Video.
We cannot wait to see what she wore on this fun shoot.Alexandra’s
grandmother lives at Bass Lake – near Carollyn – when she’s not in

Did you know Tim Allen a couple of months back was looking at
Bass Lake area to film a movie ? The Great Outdoors – with John Candy
was filmed at Bass Lake –

All ages – and we mean all ages- adults and characters too –
auditioning this week for Miley Cyrus “Hanna Montanna” next Video
“Start All Over” this week – dancers over 18 – character actors – kids –
what a great project. Hope all of you saw Aaron Hill from De Vore Talent co-star
on “Hanna Montanna” as a Football Player.

Spanish Commercials for Nestle and a Wireless Company – interviewing
were Christian age 6 from Fresno – Kyle age 12 from Madera – they also
interviewed Spanish Mom’s and Dads for these Commercials.

Male and Female Models from De Vore Models ages 18 plus –
at FSU this past weekend for the National Guard Paint Ball Challenge.

Dorothy from “De Vore Studios” our advanced Acting Coach – representing
us at the “Film Maker’s Forum” and interviewed on NBC locally about the
casting on “Indiana Jones”

J’hania age 9 and Angela age 7 and Kylie age 5 interviewing to play
the “Spice Girls” as children . The Video is for the Spice Girls Reunion
Tour – how exciting. All the young Models/Actresses were asked to
wear “Pajamas” to the audition and look like their favorite “Spice Girl”

“Movie Surfers” Looking for Teen Hosts – male and females –
Chad age 14 interviewing and Shana age 15.

Rebok – National Commercial – and Modeling Assignment – Evan age 12
from Visalia – Jake age 22 from Tulare – and Suzanne age 28 from Clovis.

Fruity Pebbles – Teen Sister – Mary age 16 –

Posing for the Poster on Director Matt Sconce next film “Dark Pool”
were Cody age 10 – Alyssa age 11 – Nathan C. age 14 – we have adults
cast on this film too – What a great script.

Jazmine – age 16 – picking up a big check for Modeling for ‘Toyota
filmed at Santa Anita Racetrack – we are looking forward to seeing
those advertisments any day.

First weekend in December – our “On the Runway” coach “Anthonie”
will be modeling at the Clovis Sierra Vista Mall – let us know if you
recognize him.

DNKY huge campaign – Cuban Looking models ages 8 to 80 –
those photos went out this morning. We are always working for you.

Matthew & Eric – age 12 from Fresno – interviewing for Vince Vaughn
and Reese Witherspoons next film and Kylie age 5. Eric and Matthew
have appeared on dozens of T.V. shows and movies since the age of
four. Their favorite set is still “Click” with Adam Sandler filmed here
at Shaver Lake – local actors cast by Carollyn De Vore.

Rebecca age 15 from Tulare – landed a Modeling/Acting job and will
film a “Christms Commercial” for a Mall in Texas – on her Hollywood
interview she had to flirt “on camera” with two boys – This was her
3rd interview from De Vore Talent –

Rebecca – model and actress and mom of Christine age 10 – filming
“Ugly Betty” – you saw Rebecca and Christine in “Pirates III” from

Highlights from De Vore Talent the past two weeks.

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