December 1, 2007

   Christmas Blessings from De Vore Studios & Talent

  We have a Hollywood Writers Strike – and pray it is over soon for

  all our friends who work in the Entertainment Industry.

    All of a sudden – we are having a lot of National Commercial Interviews.

          A few Highlights for this week.


 Teens for Hosts or Hostess on “Movie Surfers” what a incredible opportunity-

  Carollyn wishes they had these shows when she was a Teen – one of our

   teens had not re-newed her work permit – make sure you have your

   work permit current – and send or drop off 2 copies to our Fresno Studio.

  If your work permit is not current – you will not have interviews.

   Shane age 3 from Modesto – and his dad Greg – had a fun trip to L.A.

    to interview for “Tropicana” Orange Juice – National Commercial –

     Shane did his first commercial – for Savemart – here in the Central

    Valley – at the age of one.  Shane is on a Cell Phone Commercial too.

    Kids age 3 – all nationalities – and teens and adults – photos out for

    Harpers Bazaar. Make sure your photos are current – when you are

    age 3 to 17 – you need to have new photos done once a year – call the

    studio to get new photos.

    Mrs. Bairds – Hispanic Children and Adults

    Dixie Cups –  J’nahia age 9 – and babies ages 1 year old.

    Budweiser –   Rouged – Tough – Horse Trainers – ages 30 plus –

                               Ed – who starred on “Deadwood” and “Dusty” from

                               Clovis – on this one.

   Pepsi    –       Chase age 15 from Coarsegold on this one – after his

                          interview – he and his mom – spotted “Greg” from “Heroes”

                          at Starbucks – Heroes & other shows are not in production

                          because of the Writers Strike.

                           Ariana – age 16 from Fresno on Pepsi too –

                           Guess what – this Commercial is with Justin Timberlake.

Wells Fargo  –  Alexis – from Tulare – Alexis “doubled” for Kristen D

                              in Spider Man III.

Taco Bell        –    Jack Yang – Fresno – who now attends Long Beach

                                  State – When Jack met Hollywood Agents in L.A.

                                 with Carollyn – he also performed a “Hip Hop”

                                 dance for them – we miss Jack being here in the

                                 Central Valley.

Six  Flags              Kevin H. from Oakhurst – auditioning to play the

                                  annoying “Teen Brother” with Water Baloons.


Playboys              Brett P & Brett G – from Clovis – filming together on

                                 this new movie – comedy – Brett P. called from the

                                 set in Topanga Canyon – with the “Santa Ana” winds.

 Thanks to Alyssa’s Dad – Dan – for fighting Fires in Malibu – many of

  our Firefighters went from this area. Dave B. for also Fire fighting all

   this summer – dave is a “Hot Shot” firefighter – and when it’s not

   fire season – an incredible actor .

    Models  Paige and Heidi from Tulare – “Fresno State Paintball”

      Product Modeling


    Deep – CJ & others Product Modeling in the Malls for “Cricket”


     Hispanic Actress & Models – Bi Lingual – Lilly and Maria – in

       Local Stores with a food product.


     Anthonie – our Modeling Coach – in Sierra Vista Mall and Fashion

       Fair Mall – see if you recognize him.

     Kyle – age 12  – auditioning for a Ad Agency Commercial in Spanish –

       you saw Kyle on the “Big Fresno Fair” commercials

     Koolaid – Strong Kid and Teen Dancers – Hip Hop & more –

                            Carollyn’s daughter – Heather – starred on a Kool Aid

                          Commercial as a “Tween”  driving a go-cart.

    What a week – and we are casting local commercials and working on

      three movies to start January 08 – and “Hot Rod Horror” Trailer

        is on the Web –   “Hot Rod Horror”  may debut at the Yosemite

         Film Festival in March.

   De Vore Studios will be closed from Dec 16th 2007 to  January 6, 2008

      but we will still be working and calling you for interviews.

         Have you made your reservation for “Peoples Choice Awards “

            Come in the studio and get a flyer – you must be 18 to attend.

                 Only 30 reservations for our Luxury Bus – round trip –

Nancy O – you saw her as a “Wench” on Pirates ”   and she appeared in

   “Click” and often assists Carollyn “on set”  gave the studio a new Scanner

  and Fax Machine – wow – thanks Nancy –  Nancy also helped Carollyn

   coordinate the Fashion Show at the Yosemite Film Festival this year.

      We are so blessed to have such great clients at De Vore Studios.

Did we mention that Rich – who hosts  FOX  “Valley Life” mornings

  at 10 AM  has a role in “Lions & Lambs”  and he is getting fan mail at

   Fox – so send him over a note this week –

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